The Unique Specialist as an individual establishment is under the name of Badr Bakeries, which was established in the sixties of the last century, founded by Sheikh Hashim Badr and his sons, where the company owned several bakeries in Makkah region, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia relied in the supply of bread to guests of the Rahman during times of Hajj and Umrah .

The company expanded in 1977 in addition to large bakery machines that can produce all kinds of bread in large quantities to cover the request of pilgrims in Mecca and Medina. With new activities such as sweets Eastern and Western and sweets. In 1985 Badr factory for chocolate and sweets was opened next to Badr Bakery, which became known as the Badr Electrical Factory. It has registered a distinctive brand of chocolate factory, Chocoline, and has produced about thirty kinds of chocolate

From the beginning of 2000, the company began to expand its activities of products that match the best of European products, with the help of European experts, for example from Belgium who have a long sale In producing chocolate of all kinds. This is due to the popularity of the brand and the popularity of the product as it crossed the border as mentioned to Egypt, the Gulf, China and others. As well as the technical hands that have experience in the work of chocolate and confectionery and improve the final product. The world market in quality.

As of 2010, The Unique Specialist for Bread and Sweet manufacturing been established under the responsibility of Badr Factory for chocolate, and biscuits with all its activities and production, and Badr electrical and machinery bakeries in all its manufacturing of bread and sweets in Sharqia and Gharbia.

In 2012, Dokan Badr a supermarket has been established. The company is looking to expand further in addition to other branches under the same brand name to keep pace with the development of high quality products to find the citizen and the resident what he needs without reference to the European products to distinguish our production in all our products.


• Badr Chocolate Factory
• Chocoline
• Dokan Badr
• Badr Electrical and automatic bakeries
For the production of breads, sweets and confectionary products of all kinds.
• Badr retail stores
Points of sale for all kinds of breads sweets and confectionary.
• Badr Amusement Park
Entertainment park serving the region of makkah.